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If any of you are growing chillis & interested in doing some seed swapping so we can have a go at growing different strains for next year, or if you fancy having a go then i thought we could use this thread to arrange.

I thought that if we do it this way we can all make sure that the seeds we harvest come from our healthiest plants which should in theory give us some good seed stock for each other instead of buying them blind from elsewhere.

If anyones interested when i finally get some peppers growing then PM me, i have Cayenne (aka Tabasco), Jalapeno, Habanero & Numex (aka Razzmatazz)

Rather than PM you I thought I'd put a post on here to keep the tread bumped up,
I'd be happy with that, I've only got jalape??o and ghost chilli (bhut jolokia) growing on though, my yellow habanero and Carolina reapers all failed at an early stage as I was new to growing anything and left them in the propagator far too long in a hot conservatory!
The plants I've got are looking really well and look so close to flowering, have done for a couple of weeks but they just haven't yet, is this normal?
Stacey Docherty

Thanks dove lol..... Where to start with my chilli seed list.... I have a lot away this year to get people growing....dan-c the bhut jolokia will take a while to flower and produce fruits. If they are in the greenhouse you should see a result but their growing period is about 160 days which is normally too long for the uk unless in heated greenhouse... However I overwinter mine to produce fruits next year! I as you can tell am a bit of a chilli freak! Will post A list of seeds available a little later..... And if anyone is reading that had my chilli seeds and growing tips how are they doing?

I have a few seeds in open packets that i wont use if anyone wants them, i dont mind chilli, but prefer peppers (sorry!). Will post list when brain in gear!


Stacey - as soon as the forum lets me post photos again I'll show you

Waz - I'm up for joining in with this! They'll all be the same as Staceys as she gave me seeds to start this year
Stacey Docherty

Cool clarington I take it they are doing well by the optimistic post lol.... Sadly mine are not so great this year die to just not having the time to love them lol.... Ahhh well chilli festival in august wooohoooo


Clari - what sort of problem are you having with posting pics?  Have you changed your Forum Settings back to Advanced Edit? 

Dove/Clari, the system may still be wonky, ive just checked and i can still get my messages
Dove I can't post at all in advance settings yet. Just waiting for the weekend gremlins to work through.
Orchid Lady
I can't post pics either and don't have smilies so can inky do and again!! My advanced settings are in, I checked, I've even changed it to basic and back again but it didn't work.

Anyway.....chillies......mine are doing fab Stacey. I sowed all the seeds you gave me so gave quite a few Cherry Bombs to friends and neighbours, my best friend has fruit (veg? What are chillies) on hers already but I don't!? I do have flowers though. The Purple Riot have made beautiful plants but no flowers yet, very very pretty though. Apache are doing well too and the rest (mushroom and unknown) didn't germinate but I think you now that already.

As soon as I have some chillies produced I will let you know what seeds I have for swapping.
Steve 309

I have several different varieties - Cayenne, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet and the three that came with the GW offer. Happy to swap but I doubt if any of these are unusual enough for anyone to want them.  Never tried them before.

Interested to learn that they're perennial: I shall certainly be trying to keep some for next year.  Do they need heat or will an unheated greenhouse do?

Orchid Lady
I'd like Cayenne and Scotch Bonnet Steve, I'm new to chilli growing this year (thanks to Stacey) so don't mind some 'normal' varieties At this rate I'll need a dedicated chilli area in the garden too and nit sure where they will all go in winter??
(OL I'm putting up a new greenhouse just for the chillies!)

I'm hoping my chilli willies will flower soon. Nothing extra special just amusing!
Orchid Lady
I saw those in Barcelona Clari, my boys made me take a picture if the seed packet and there was also another packet of 'female' seeds......all 3 of my boys thought they were hilarious.....boys!!!


Steve 309

The first ones are just starting to flower now (in the greenhouse) so I'm hoping to get some decent fruit this year.  Last year they were sown later and I had to harvest most of them green so presumably the seeds weren't ripe.  I'll post when I have some red ones and, OL, if you pm me your address I can send some.


I am growing Hungarian Black, Bulgarian Carrot, Spanish Padron and Basket of Fire.   They're all a bit slow after being battered to bits by a hail storm during Chelsea week but, when they do get as far as flowering and fruiting, I'll be happy to save seeds for swapping.   I'm not interested in macho volcanic varieties though as I like to taste my food and not have my palate anaesthetised.


Sorry everyone i forgot about this thread 

Ha ha Dan C please be careful when cooking with the jolokia, those bad boys need total respect  , wouldn't mind some seeds from your best plant please if that's ok?

obelixx wrote (see)

........I'm not interested in macho volcanic varieties though as I like to taste my food and not have my palate anaesthetised.

LMAO obelixx, too hot is not good but if you never try you will not know how hot to go .

Wouldn't mind some Hungarian Black, Bulgarion Carrot & some Spanish Padron Seeds if that's ok please?


The thing is, I don't even like chillies! Not a fan of hot food haha.
I'm just growing them for the pleasure.. Oh and maybe for the fun of daring family and friends to try them! ????
Yeah that's not a problem, just pm me your address or something and maybe give me a reminder later down the line as I'm quite forgetful lol.
I wouldn't mind trying quite a few of the chillies that all the users on this thread have got going... They all sound fun!
Well I got a jalape??o flower on today, one of my bhuts is so close behind the jalape??o in flowering!

Yeah mine are at a similar stage to yours, no flowers yet but on some it could be any time. I'll contact you later in the season Re: seeds