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i have been using comfrey feed through the summer. There is half a tub left and I have another mix nearly ready in about a week.

Does any know it this feed will keep until next year?

flowering rose

I keep for next year and it is fine.I keep mine in the shed in old demi jars.


Store it in old fizzy pop bottles. It will keep for next year. Store in a cool dark place , to help prevent fermentation.

Hi Ian Flower and fidg are dead right,we make it by the dustbin load at the allotments and we all store it in old milk/coke anything bottles the bigger the better cool and dark does the trick for us,

Can you do the same with the stuff made from nettles



The nettle feed I've been using this year was made last, perfectly fine stored in plastic milk cartons/ bottles.  Judging by how much growth things have made, it was better than ever!

Thank You all, I can seal the dustbin I currently keep it in.

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