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Like the name hollie hock change to your other name festive name I guess. Holly hock the flower plant is really pretty only started to grow them my self this year.

When I started growing veg I started with runner beans and found I liked them even more than shop brought ones much better taste, I like watching Gardeners World, good when Joe Swift got an allotment that was interesting and also on iplayer I watch Beechgrove Gardens the scottish gardening TV programme when back on I guess march time not much on TV on gardening at mo.

Do you like watching these gardening programmes?

hollie hock

Yes I think some good books are in order and Dr Hessayon's series would be the best one to start with. Can't go wrong with his advice

I do watch GW only started watching this with Monty Don, also this year been enjoying Beechgrove and as I'm now embarking on veg growing I think it will be a lot more relevant to me

Much as I love Holly Hocks, I'm not growing them this year as here, they get decimated with rust

Have you started growing any veg yet?

I have not yet, going to wait a little longer for a bit warmer weather and till I put up my plastic grow house

hollie hock

Hello, yes I planted garlic which have sprouted, planted some shallots and some mangetout which are under cover. Leaving the runner beans for a while yet, they are so expensive in the supermarkets so looking forward to growing my own as I know you great volume from a small number of plants. Potatoes are chitting.

Still very much a beginner, OH knows more about this than me so our small veg patch is very much his domain.

A friend is just about to get an allotment after 3 years of waiting and has kindly offered half the space to us. The only thing is I still want to grow loads of flowers, I think that will change when I'm eating what we sow.

I do have my potatoes chitting I forgot to say, what a lot you have got started , don't start my runners till mid April

Still good to grow flowers to attract the bees to pollinate your veg companion planting and good for cut flowers as well

Nice to get more land to grow your veg


just don't plant beans next to the onions they antagonist companion crops. in other work they do not grow well next to each other.


And here's  Jon Cob aka so many others, posting again with yet another ID 

hollie hock

Thanks Dove, Trolls obviously they haven't anything better to do with their time.

Still early days Lucy, but it's exciting do something new, even if I get to eat a small sample of what I grow, I'll be happy. Think I will always be a flower girl at heart.

Picked up Dr Hessayons Veg & Herb expert the other day for a £1 as well as The shrub expert for the same price

Checked the mangetout, nothing sprouting yet

Have put up my plastic grow house today so will let it warm up a few days then more seed sowing will start. I have sorted out digging one of my raised beds and put a fleece cover on, found lots of monkey nuts in there squirrels loving digging and putting them there for later but now I have moved them out. Not sure what seed will end up in the grow house first.

Great buy of the books

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