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Went to that orange DIY store at the weekend and was made bankrupt. anyways i ended up buying a grape vine and now need some help. I always thought its better to use soil with some well rotted manure but the label says peat free compost? the plant is  currently in a 19cm size pot what size would you say i would need? plant size is 30cm high and around 50-60 wide but all on the right side. I'm gonna hopefully get another fibreclay pot

Any idea how old the vine is? A one year old plant should be fine in a 19cm pot. In its second year move it to a 30 or 40cm pot. If it is going to live permanently in the pot then use a compost with loam (John Innis type) or add some to multipurpose compost. No need for manure though as grapes are very vigorous plants and can cope with very poor soil. Give them too rich a soil and they will just produce far more shoots than you can cope with.

Give some thought about how you are going to train the vine. It will grow large and needs to be kept under control. Useful info available on the RHS website here

i agree with steephill in using john innis compost...use number 3.  wouldnt use manure either.i would use as large a pot as possible now..its not going to be easy to pot on later if trained against a framework

Cheers guys. no idea how old it doesn't say a year or 2 id say.  well was gonna get a 30 cm butt i'll get the biggest at 45cm so its there for the long term and will be a stable pot. JI# 3 already made the frame out of some bamboo i cut last year.

as for training I'm gonna train one shoot either side then one straight  up i read that somewhere not sure where. tho might even do the standard 

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