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Please can someone advise me when to pick my courgettes. I am new to gardening and this is my first crop, they are growing so well I dont want to ruin them by letting them get to big. They are called Parador and are yellow if this helps. Thanks in advance.


I should cut them when they're the size you like to eat them. Don't wait, if they go well you won't be able to keep up


Keep a close eye on them,they grow quicker than you think,don,t let them get too big,5-6 inches is usually about right,depends on your preference as Nutcutlet says.

A courgette quickly turns into a marrow,


Well done for choosing Parador - I grew them last year and they were superb, even in a really rotten growing year.

 I couldn't find them this year and am growing another yellow variety and they're not as good and I'm disappointed.  

Next year I will search high and low for Parador 

Thanks everyone. I'm really excited, this is the first time i've grown anything I can eat and they look good too.. 



Aren't the flowers amazing?  The first time my OH saw a courgette flower he couldn't believe it was a veg and not an ornamental flower.  Now he looks forward to the flowers every summer 

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