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My courgette has silvery colouration on the leaves, is this normal or does it have a disease?



Perfectly normal - mine always do it.  

Those look jolly healthy - well done 


Thank you!  I grew them from seed for the first time ever so I am a bit over-protective of them 


Proud parent syndrome - I get it all the time!!!But honestly those plants look great 

Hi pootler when you have been watering has some of the water gone on the leaves ?if it has then that's the reason no harm done I'm always doing it that's a might I fine specimen by the way 



Is that a miniature type, mine grew to at least 4ft in every direction, with leaves more that a foot accross, they were like trees. I am not growing them this year, they just took up too much space.

Would be nice to find one suitable for a pot.

Looks like powdery mildew. I've never found it a huge problem but really you should try and water round the base, not the leaves. Watering in the morning I've found is better too, so they don't have wet leaves going into the evening. 

I've never found powdery mildew causes huge problems though. What I've tended to do if some of the bigger, older leaves become papery is simply cut them off. They're such vigorous plants it makes little difference. 

For the first time this year, I'm growing the climbing Black Forest variety. Doing fine but I'm struggling to persuade the plants (despite a fence, canes and ties) that they want to go up right than out! The stems seem to be buckling / splitting under the weight, and that's before there's much fruit!

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