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Hi all,im starting to run out of room in my veg area/Greenhouse and was wondering if i could grow Courgettes in a Hanging Baskets..Any hints or tips ?


It would have to be a huge hanging basket. They are large plants and require a lot of water. It is possible to get varieties that you can trail upwards if you are short of space.


Thanks,so it wouldnt work with a 14" basket and the plant trails over the sides or would the wind affect/damage  it. If not i will have to let the 3 i have grown take over my greenhouse floor lol.


Have you got anywhere outside you can plant the courgettes? - they don't need to be inside - in fact they'll do better outside

I will find somewhere,thanks.


Ive planted 2 in a large old wheel barrow with a mound  of mixed compost and top soil, We shall see what happens

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