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thanks gilly. do you think it will make the OED

i like them like emma does them as well

GillyL wrote (see)

We could start a recipe forum with all these great ideas the word "cougetteness"

The link I posted earlier takes you to a Foodie Forum started by an ex member of the BBC food messageboard - anyone's welcome to join or just to have a look and get some recipes 


Thanks Dove


Have just filled my freezer half my with many individual portions of ratatouille- great recipe from Hugh Fearnly Wittingstall's Veg every day book, also adapted his aubergine parmigiana to use courgeettttes, remaining space in freezer taken up with this.

We're waiting for our courgettes to get marrow size. Found a recipe for marrow wine.

It's easy,just cut the top off, scrape out seeds and fill with demerara sugar and suspend.

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