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I have been leafing through the seed catalogues (appropriately!) and after a bit of research, decided to try Defender F1 courgette in a large pot next year. I live in the hills north of Bolton, quite high up (750mts), the pot will be on a south facing patio - is that an OK location to expect courgettes to grow successfully? The pot I will be using is a sturdy polyurethine black container about 20" diameter - is that large enough?

Any advice would be appreciated.



I have grown Defender in pots of about the same size - they took a lot of watering and did get powdery mildew, but I did get quite a few good courgettes.  I had three pots each with one courgette plant in it, grouped together in the centre of a north facing back yard. 


They will grow okay in pots, but will do much better in the ground. Out of necessity I grew in pots one year, got a crop but not as good as in the soil.


I grow courgettes in largeish troughs and a galvanised bucket. I agree, they would probably do better in the soil but they are too large for my little veg plot. Watering them is the issue, and feeding them

Thank you for your replies all.

I have no choice about the pot growing (well, not in my mind anyway, because I prefer to keep the garden for plants). Also the watering is generally not a problem because: 1) I live in Lancashire which isn't renowned for it's dry Summers and 2) In case of a repeat of last Summer, I am retired and so can devote the days to watering my plants if needed.

It's nice to know that others have grown Defender in pots and I would always expect fewer fruit when grown that way.


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