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Not bad at all Tricia! 

  Here's the annotated photo:

A = Courgette "Defender"

B = Winter squash "Crown Prince"

C = Winter squash "Autumn Crown"

D = Pumpkin "Summer Ball"

E = Cucumber "Bella"

F = Winter squash "Barbara"

G = Winter squash "Harrier"

H = Winter squash "High sugar (mixed)"


Orchid Lady

I am growing A&B Bob, I may be back for tips as it is the first time 


No problem, OL.

Usually, the biggest problem with courgette Defender is picking them quick enough before they turn into marrows!  Crown Prince can be a bit reluctant to set fruit and you have to hope there is a male flower available when a female is open.  I use a very soft makeup brush to gently transfer pollen from the male to the females.  You have to be very careful as any damage at all to the centre part (stigma) of the female flower will cause the whole flower to drop off after a few days.  If a male flower appears and no female, you can pick it off and keep it in the fridge for a few days to increase your chances.

Hand pollination is best done early in the morning, as soon as the female flower opens.

Orchid Lady

Gosh, I didn't realise it was so complicated.....that's worse than trying to get Panda's to reproduce  How do I know which is male and female flowers???  I'll have to google.

I am also growing aubergines and was reading last night they can be quite difficult to produce fruit, also I was going to plant them outside but it says they are better in the GH....not sure I'll have room and I've planned my veg patch for them

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