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Orchid Lady


Ok, muppet me has lost the labels, I think this is courgette but please can someone confirm for me.

Hopefully the cucumbers are the ones I've put in the GH today, they have more jagged type leaves?

Thank you from Tracey the Muppet 


Courgette and cucumber seedlings look pretty similar in my experience - they both get the jagged leaves after the seed leaves. 


I won't laugh Tracey, I wouldn't have a clue.

Orchid Lady it's not just me then??  Nightmare! Now I don't know which ones should be in the GH and which ones I'm hard fine off for outside!

That brings me to another questions, Dove mentioned 'seed leaves' so when it says 'when 2 true leaves are formed' does that mean 2 of the jagged leaves and not the round ones?




I think there'll be a difference by the time the jagged ones come round, But not much. I won't know the difference.  Veggie growers will 

Having done this in the past I now use different colour pots ie Cu in green, courgettes in brown, squash in black- you can write on green and brown pots too. Same system for all the different tomatoes...saves the poor old brain.


There's no real way of telling until they are quite large plants, unfortunately.  Kudos to anyone who can identify which of these are squash (4 types), cucumber (1 type), courgettes (1 type) & pumpkins (1 type)  The pots are labelled so I can give answers to anyone who wants to give it a go!


Hi Tracey, they look like courgettes, normally the seed leaves on courgettes are bigger than the ones on cucumbers so if growing both that should be a clue, the same with the first true leaves. On courgettes they soon develop into substantial leaves whereas the cucumbers are a much more moderate size.

The difference will be very evident long before they are ready for putting out into final positions. The stems are different too but that's a more modest difference, normaly cucumbers are thinner than courgettes.

Hope that helps


Ps they're looking good


The poor old brain. every year I have several plants that seem to have escaped the labelling process. This year it's 3 lots of digitalis from last year and only one labelled.

Good idea you have there Lottie but  I'll have to think of something else, too many different things. I must be more efficient

Orchid Lady

Thanks Lottie, I will definitely do that next year....I think we should start a 'useful tips' thread 

However, whilst having dinner I had a brainwave and providing they grow at a similar rate, then the ones shown are definitely Courgettes as I sowed the cucumbers on 8/3 and the courgettes on 6/4, so common sense says the smaller ones are courgettes. Mid only my brain had worked better sooner LOL!!!

These are the others that I think are cucumbers, I also sowed less of cucumber (which I have also just realised!!), although I still think I have too many 

 Absolutely no idea on yours Bob, but glad you mentioned squash look the same, mine are just about to come through so I will make sure I keep them labelled 

Orchid Lady

Forgot to say thanks Scroggin too, I've never grown either before so fingers crossed, in fact I haven't grown much before!!

I get this every yr lol thats what happens when I let toddlers help in greenhouse they take labels out and give me think I will try writing on my tom plant pots thanks for ideas 

I'm going to live dangerous and say cucumber 


Orchid Lady

Nope, my brain is working again now and definitely courgette 


I shall say, the ones in the first pic = courgettes.

The ones in the last pic - cucumber.

Think I'm right, but don't blame me if I'm wrong

Orchid Lady

You are right Dove  Thank you, when my brain went into gear eventually last night I worked it out 

Next question.....any ideas on what to do with 7 cucumber plants?????  I didn't think they would all germinate/grow as I've never grown them before and my nice neighbour over the road says she only grows 2 and still has loads left over for cucumber relish.....hmmm, may have too many 

Tricia Bretagne

Hi Bob

Thought that I would be crazy enough to guess which ones are which

Top Left  your squashes

Top Right your pumpkins

Bottom Left your cucumbers

Bottom Right your courgettes



Iam not laughing - exactly the same thing happened to me last year and I had to just keep potting them on until they were big enough to id. A complete nightmare - I have every sympathy - I have been extremely careful this year. I recommend Tippex - I wrote the info on the pot using a Tippex pen this year -  doesn't fall off, wear off, wash off, get knocked off...