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My friend brought me some seeds back from Spain this month and the courgette packet said to sow in February. I didn't stop and think the Spain is warmer than England in February so went and planted them in pots. Now I have numerous inch high seedlings (thanks to the propagator).

Are they even going to surive or should I bin them? I've not grown them before but should they be sown indoors in April here? I have an unheated greenhouse so guess I can try leaving them in there until it warms up!


I wouldn't sow courgette seeds until the end of April / beginning of May because they grow into big plants very quickly. An unheated greenhouse will be too cold, I wouldn't waste the compost needed


You've nothing to lose by putting them in your greenhouse as it is not particularly cold at the moment but I would buy some more seeds as a back up.


If you've got plenty of space in your greenhouse its worth a try but to be honest you get so many courgettes from a single plant when sown April/May I would bin them and start again.


Two plants will provide you with loads. I sow mine at the very end of March, already been said by F they grow rapidly. I wouldn't try to save what you've grown.


Well, I guess I can leave them in the greenhouse anyway and see what happens before I sow them again!

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