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This squash appeared as a seedling in the garden compost spread on our veg patch - it must have come from veg waste we put on the compost heap the previous year - we had several Crown Prince squashes from the farm shop that year, and some butternuts.  

Also the usual Hallowe'en type pumpkins.

This plant now covered an area about 10' x 10' and is still growing, spreading through the raspberry canes onto the terrace, and through the wax beans out onto the lawn.  So far we have two small fruits.

Any ideas as to the type, and also, should I restrict the number of fruit on the plant, as we're getting quite late into the season now? 





Definately looks more like my butterbush squash leaves than the pumpkin, bet its driving you mad not knowing!

But the baby fruit is definitely round 

Its very odd Dove, i thought they all started roundish, then changed as they got bigger? I cant wait to find out what it is!

I'm sure our butternut squashes last year were definitely pear shaped at the start. 



The buffy balls that I have are all round. The crown prince started round then went flat and bluish instead of cream. Both are f1 hybrids so I wouldn't expect true from second generation. It's getting late so I would pinch out all the tips.

I have grown Crown Prince this year, along with Honey Bear, Celebration, Black Futsi and a couple of others whose names I can't recall.  I have to say this is my first year with Crown Prince and they are Huge, bigger than a football, but such a wonderful silver grey.  I certainly wouldn't like to speculate on what you have got there Dove, but lets hope we have a long warm autumn so you get something worthwhile from it.  I started another forum topic yesterday as I wasn't sure when to harvest as the weather has certainly brought them on quickly this year.


Hi Melspade 

I love Crown Prince squashes, and usually buy several from the local farm shop to store in the garage and use over the winter.   If this contains only half the genetic material of a Crown Prince there's a chance that it's going to produce something useful, and it was far too interesting not to allow the seedling to grow and flourish. 

Hey Dove, maybe you will find a new variety and get rich!

What would you call it? Doves dumpling?

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