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I have a well established damson tree in my garden but this year for the first time I have noticed tiny crystals on the fruit.The crystals are hard and don't wipe off 


This is a gum that the tree produces to seal up small bits of damage to the fruits or the bark. The damage might have been caused by wasps or birds having a little nibble or it might have been caused by the damsons hitting a branch in the wind.

Sometimes you are lucky and the fruit is edible when it ripens and sometimes you are not as the gum goes right into the flesh.

Check that fungal infections don't enter the fruit from these scratches.

flowering rose

it is caused by a insect and  can ruin the crop.

If your tree is anything like as laden as mine this year and I think you said you were in Derbys too - you could afford to thin those out if you're worried but I don't find it affects the jam.

Hello Geen Beanz, I'm in Derbyshire and me plooms are fine mi duck! It's Paulo who's gummed up and he's in Braintree.

Victoria still a long way off ripening and Marjorie's Seedling even further. It's OK because they are too hard to interest the wasps and they'll be just right when the wasps have got too sleepy to care.

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