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Has anyone grown cucamelon before?  This is my first year of growing them and they are doing very well.  I am just unsure as to when you know they are ripe.


I think you pick them like cucumbers rather than melons so you don't need them to ripen


I ate one at Garden Organic last year; it was growing in a greenhouse and it was September. It really did taste like a cross between the two


Took a chance and picked one.  Really quite nice.  Not as watery as cucumber, a nice bite size treat.

I too am growing cucamelon for the first time.

It is in a small barrel in the greenhouse and has grown many stems to about four foot high, the flowers are very small with minute fruits behind, is this correct any info on correct growing feeding etc would be appreciated



That is right Colin.  Mine are now trying a takeover bid in the greenhouse.  I have 3 - too many I think.  They start off with tiny flowers then gradually the fruit follow. I have been feeding them the same as my tomatoes  Good luck with them.

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