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Can anyone give any growing tips please as I wasn't successful last year and I would like to try and grow them this year,many thanks


Mine grew and produced one cucamelon. I won't be bothering again.


First i would say you need a few plants, they are very thin and spidery. I had 3 plants in one pot growing up a cane in the green house. I got about a dozen cucamelons per plant.

Have to say i don't think i'll bother this year, although the cucamelons where interesting, i think the greenhouse space they took up could have been better used for something else.

I'd view them as a novelty if you want them, but there's probably a reason why they are not a greenhouse staple in the UK.


Steve 309

Never heard of these - I assume it's a cross between melon & cucumber ?  Salad or dessert?


I saw these on Beechgrove Gardens, that lady grew them and tasted them. I'm really wanting to try them, but I don't like melons or cucumbers, and you guys aren't singing their praises, so maybe I won't 

Grew them successfully last year and will not be bothering ever again. I didn't think much of the taste and the space will be better used.

The comparison with melons ends at their look. They taste very much like tough skinned cucumbers. They are supposed to have a slightly limey taste, but everyone that tried them said they just tasted like cucumbers.

+1 for iGrow, no bother to grow but they are a cross between a cucumber and a lemon and not very tasty! Tons of cucamelons which mostly ended up in the compost bin as the skin was very tough and they are too small to peel. Space will be utilised for something else this year and balance of seeds disposed of.

Steve 309

...use as a green manure on a spare bit of ground?

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