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Hi again please could I have yor tips on growing cucumber in a glass house please and the best one thank you

Tried for first time last year. Absolute disaster. then bought from a stall at church and it turned out to be a marrow

Would love to read your sensible replies


What types of cucumber do you want to grow of several basic types.
Harry Dobson,Bernard Lavern are good sources about growing cucumbers.
Well sweet ones I tryed last year but failed don't know lot bout how to grow them eny tips please be use full


I can't remember jest need to know how to grow a friend siead to build a pyramid so the warter drains away and not hold
chilli lover

Jason, for the last 2 years I have grown Passandra in a greenhouse. I grow three plants and they are hugely prolific - fortunately we love cucumbers!

After germinating in pots I plant them into the greenhouse bed about 18" apart. They grow tall so need supporting with canes and tying in. I use 12" lengths of pipe (about 30mm diameter?) sunk down towards the roots for watering as cucumbers don't like having their stems wetted. Outdoors I grew marketmore for the first time. It was a later producing crop, not hugely abundant but satisfying considering the weather we had.

What did you grow this year?

Jason could you repeat you last post again in english
Well I can't remember but if u have a name for me that u grow I'd be grateful thank you and the easiest to grow
I'm trying to find out the best way to grow cucumber s

Jason-are you using an I-phone by any chance- you messages are a bit incoherent


Then Jason- read what chilli lover has written -it is top advice

Ok watering I always get wrong how much and how little

Never, ever over water especially when small -that causes neck rot and the plants collapse at soil level-quite common

It is a judgement call -too many plants die or don't perform properly through too much water.



When they need it-I don't how to make it any clearer

Buy Burpless Tender Green F1 seeds.

Fill 3" plant pots with multipurpose compost, water first and drain. Push one seed in each pot, upright, with long edge horizontal and only just covered with compost. Scatter a 1/4" layer of vermiculite on top and place in aheated propagator/ airing cupboard / or a warm place indoors. After germination, which will only take a few days, bring into the light e.g. greenhouse bench and leave to grow. When they are larger - when roots are showing through base of pots - pot on into 5" pots, using more multipurpose compost, without disturbing the roots, and water.

When the plants are much larger and perhaps showing signs of flowers, pot on, into 12" pots, again with multipurpose compost,water and place in their final growing positions in the greenhouse. Provide support and care during growth according to the instructions on the seed packet.

Keep a bin full of water in the greenhouse, add the required amount of fertiliser e,g,tomato or miracle grow and use this for watering as it will be very handy and the same temperature as the plants. Only water when the compost feels dry to the touch, or if the weight of the pot feels lighter than usual, or if the leaves look limp. Do not over water. Cucumbers like water (they are mostly water) but too much can kill more easily than too little. Too little can be remedied but too much cannot.

Do not sow until it is warmer - April/May. It is easy to get seeds to germinate in warmth but after germination you need to be able to provide light and a warm situation outside the propagator. Good luck!


Thank you for that. It looks very useful. I have that variety kicking at my tin to come out!! I will wait until the right time though. and then follow your instructions 

It is important you maintain the temperature at a minimum of 15 degrees or  at least 21 degrees for the all-female varities.