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Hi, I am growing Telepathy F1 cucumbers in my greenhouse, & I need advice as to what flowers to remove. They are mostly at an early stage at the moment, and I am having difficulty in establishing which have 'swelling' behind them. There are some that have 'cucumber' shapes behind them. I hope the pictures enclosed will help. Thanks






The ones with baby cucumbers behind are the females. You need to keep these as they develop into cucumbers. The male ones do not have a cucumber behind, just a small blob. Remove all these , preferably before they open,, because pollinated  greenhouse cucumbers will develop seeds and become bitter.

Hi Fidgetbones, sorry for the delay in replying, I will continue to keep an eye on the developement of the buds/flowers that are in clusters, as I cannot tell if there are small blobs, or the start of tiny cucumbers, behind then. I don't think they are ready to open any time soon anyway. I am growing 3 plant's, so I can afford to make the odd mistake. I want to see what growth I get from these clusters first, so I can identify the male from the female, before I start snipping. Thanks 

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