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cody smith

I have just sown my cucumber seed on Sunday and in a heated propagater and 2 days later they popped up I was amazed and wondering if anyone else's seed have come through 

I haven't started sowing yet, may start aubergines and chillies in the next few weeks and plant onion sets in modules.


Cody they do germinate quickly and especially with heat. Can I ask what you are going to do with them, as they won't be able to go outside into the Greenhouse until May, by then they will be huge & leggy and will need to be in large buckets with canes to support them, if you can keep them alive. They need humid, damp conditions, not best in a house

 I'm not sewing mine until the end of March at the earliest.

p.s. they aren't the cheapest seeds to grow and have to throw away.  

Consider the things Zoomer44 is growing if you are itching to get going.

cody smith

I can put them in my Pollytunnle late march and I have them under a grow light 


 Please post some pics when you've got cumbers on.


What else do you plan to grow this year.

cody smith

Hi i have an experiment to do I will grow in compost and on damp tissue  I have sown scabious,Mellon,love in the mist,morning glory , my local booths are selling my flowers so I sown sun flower,dahlia,dill,fennel,clary,rudbedica,love lies bleeding,and I need some more names but the veg I will grow melons,leek,onions,tomato,potato,sweet corn,carrot,beet root,lettuce 

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