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I've just planted my q's into the greenhouse today. I make sure the stems don't get too wet by sinking a piece of drainpipe or a plant pot with the bottom cut off into the soil  nearby. Then I only water into that and the water goes down to near the roots. Works for me, not had any rot so far.

My really healthy cucumbers have wilted all of a sudden this hasn't happened before any ideas why? Read all the above posts and they don't really fit my problem. Really upset

If growing in a GH, in a pot, on a hot day plants will wilt very quickly if there is insufficient ventilation or lack of moisture in the compost. Has the weather been particularly warm or have you had clear blue skies.  



Yes, in containers in particular, but even in the ground they will wilt on a hot day regardless of how much moisture there is in the compost. They usually perk up again when things cool down.

If it isn't a temperature issue it could be various other things. How old are the plants and where are they?


I always water mine from the top and never have problems doing it. Mine are in pots in an unheated green house. I never put them there until temperatures are favourable i.e. above 7deg. constantly at night. The greenhouse is kept well ventilated. Are your plants in good compost and well ventilated ?  As Italophile says it could be other things than temperature. In one of my books it points to Basal Stem Rot. This is caused by over watering and too much water at the base of the stem. Symptons shown are the leaves wilting and the plant collapsing. Hope this is of some help.


steve downs

i,ve lost 5 cuc's this year, 2 in the window sill, and 3 replacements which i planted in the greenhouse, ( not heated). They all rotted and wilted from the stem base, i got 1 more left looks good, 7" holding on in there, seems too much hassle i think,

I have good size ones on my plants in grow bags in a unheated greenhouse but although I think they are ready they are not turning green does anyone know why or how to green them up ?.


i have never grown cucumbers before but i have 3 plants growing, 2 plants are only about 4 inches high but the other one is over a foot tall with flowers. i am really thrilled with them all. i use a tube pushed down into the soil to water and feed them. stops them rotting at the base.
when do i take out sideshoots and growing tip....???

On a very recent Gardeners World, Monty said to water a cucumber via a pot inserted next to the plant so the plant stem doesn't get wet and so be liable to rot.

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