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Hi, I'm new here.  I'm just wondering if anyone can help, please?

We have a very large damson tree in our garden and in the 8 years in which we've lived here we've had a substantial amount of damsons from it, with the exception of last year where it didn't fruit at all.  This year, there is a very large amount of damsons again but a lot of them are split and appear to be oozing some sort of sap.

Does anybody know what may be causing this?

Also, would they still be edible if we rinse them off?  Our two year old daughter is so excited about the damsons and it'd be such a shame is she's unable to help us harvest and cook with them.

I've attached a photo which shows it.

Many thanks, Sally




hi salhud, welcome

the fruit might have been damaged by somthing pecking it and is now leaking  it's not a disease and will be quite edible. It will attract the wasps though so you'll have to be quick, and careful

Hi nutcutlet, thanks for your reply. Sorry for the delay in responding, I forgot my login details but it seems to have been sorted now.

I'm so pleased to hear that they're still edible, as we've made some cracking wine from them in the past!

They've just started to ripen over the last few days so we'll be out picking them very soon

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