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L Bennett
Ok so planted some seeds (from a chilli I dried) earlier this year. But did I grow chilli??? Identity help please
L Bennett

Photo would help 



Sorry LB but they look like weeds to me. Wait and see what others say

L Bennett
That's my thinking.. I have 5 other chilli varieties on go and don't recognise.

can chillies grow from seed unprotected in the garden? I've tried growing various from seed in the greenhouse with little results.



I've alway thought chillies need a germination temp' of around 18- 20C.

Not an expert as I grow every other year and freeze them. I've germinated in the house in late March / April and potted on and then put in GH before putting on a sunny patio.

L Bennett

Nor me, the rest of my chillies are in my little greenhouse, these I just slung in some soil and put in a corner (heat trap) in the garden and left them too it.

But this is what has popped up? I have now moved them onto individual pots as I have reused the hanging basket for more strawberries.

Yeah they pretty much look the same as all my chilli plants I have growing at the minute.

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