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Hi all,
Does anyone heard about product called Lignohumate? I have been told that it is brilliant for strawberry and other crops. It is quite new in UK but very offten used in Europe.

Do you know where I can buy it?


Yes. Its very expensive. Google eshop lignohumate it will come up for retail.

Hi go to you can buy 1L for £16. 1L is for up to 1 hectare of garden. It is very good I use it on everything in my garden.

thank you. I have been recommended Lignohumate from several gardeners, as it is good for all types of crops. I will definitely buy one.


Neat advert , Emma and Martin.

 However, I can't see what it will do, that good compost or well rotted FYM will do as well. In fact, adding all the bulk fibre of compost will benefit the organisms in the soil more, because it will aid water retention.



Well sussed Fidget.


Isn't it amazing how they think we'll fall for it - and it's so obvious   Bless 'em - they must think we were born yesterday. 

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