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A few years ago I planted some beans I d grown from seed . They were yellow pencil thin  and the plant grew into a lowish bush  . I cannot remember what they were and have looked in fothergills but I cant find any described as bush type plants .

Can anyone help please, i would be very grateful , thanks in advance .X


Could they be dwarf french beans? There are ones with yellow bean pods

Hi friends, sorry I did not comeback to you on this one,or even got back onto the forums.  Our lives changed considerably with unforseen problems.

I missed chatting 've r y much on here , but now hopefully  I can get back into things a bit more.

The beans from dove from above sound very. Much the same so will give them a try .but maybe too late for this year . I am  now wondering how you are getting along with them.please keep me informed. 


Hi lucky - sorry you've had some difficult times - hope that life is getting better.  

The Buerre de Roquencourt are growing nicely - they germinated quickly and according to everything I've read they crop quite quickly too, so if you can get the seed I'd have a go, if you've got the time and energy.  

I got my seeds from

they just called them Rocquencourt. 


Don't go putting yourself under added pressure though - the garden will always be there and supermarket beans are quite edible when push comes to shove.  Sometimes life gives us other priorities for a bit.

Best of luck 



You have plenty of time to grow dwarf beans

The Yellow wax beans are quite prolific bearers but I didn't find them to have much flavour.  They seem to stay nice and crisp for longer but not one I'd go mad over for what that is worth 

Thank you friends, I have grow n purple podded

 dwarf  for  a change , but have the beans dove from above suggested for next year. 


Hi Lucky   How are the purple podded ones doing? 

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