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Hi, I know this may seem ignorant of me, but I'm only 17 and don't have much experience! Do dwarf French beans need any support like the climbers do or do they just grow kinda bushy and small? Thanks!

Hi Nick,

Don't worry about age- Gardening is one hobby where sometimes years of experience cant always provide the answers- Nature and the British Weather are the Masters im afraid!

To answer your question- Dwarf French beans generally are self supporting and do not need staking. However, considering the wet and windy weather so far this year I would recommend that you do provide some stakes-this will help keep the beans off the wet ground (and so lessen the chances of your beans becoming mildewy).

Do not buy expensive bamboo stakes for small dwarf plants. Have a look in your local supermarket for some fairly long bbq kebab sticks/chop sticks. These should be fine to stake your dwarf beans with-It has worked for me before and they are very cheap.

Good Luck


Hi Nick,  I now grow climbing french beans up a wigman like you do with runner beans, as I'm short of room, they are as nice as bush Dwarf French beans.

Your beans will probably grow a foot high at most and about same wide. I've never staked bush beans but it can't hurt them. I would also mound up a little soil at their base to help anchor them in the wind and wet. Hope you get a good crop.

Thanks very much guys, I really appreciate your help! 


Twigs from trees would also work and they are free You may also need slug/snail repellent.


Green Magpie

BBQ skewers sound a bit dangerous - mind your eyes when you're bending over to pick beans!  In most gardens you can find twiggy supports from dead shrubs etc that will do the job. But even if you don't support them, they'll probably be fine.

veggie fingers

I use BBQ skewers as well they work fine if ur worried about poking your eyes when picking beans I put empty small pop bottles over them works a treat.....Nice to know someone young is interested in gardening keep up the good work

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