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Hi folks,

has anyone got any recipes for electric Daisy's ?


Dunno, but the snails seem to like them. Maybe it'll electrocute them 


electric daisy? new one on me. 


Just googled electric daisy and it seems that it is some kind of festival. Does not require recipe



What a weird little flower; when you get round to eating them, please tell us about it


They go superbly with vodka....... but then that's my answer to everything 

I bought plugs and they're growing like wild...but have only eaten about an eighth of a flower each time we've tried them. They are a novelty but the only recipes I've found are James Wong's, and I would never use 9 whole heads in a salad!. Best way to try is on the tip of your tongue. They do pop but it's a very different sensation to popping candy. Maybe more of a fizz, and then if you chew it's an 'oh my' reaction!


But I am also looking for more recipes if anyone has any.


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