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Miss Becks

Try again Rusty. Nothing has come up.

rusty spade

hi i'm new to this site. but i've been growing for many years now. i just wondered if anyone could help me. this year is the first tims i've tried to grow elephant garlic, at the moment i have them in a heated green house. i just wondered if anyone could tll me the lowest temp they will survive at. my greenhouse is heated at about 20'c at the moment but i would like to harden them off so they can go outside.

They are completely hardy and should go outside as soon as possible because it needs a month of under 10 degrees c to divide otherwise it'll be one big bulb.

Rusty i planted my garlick out in wet cold muddy Dec/Jan and they are doing great as Jon24ty said they need cold weather or there no good dont molly em it wont work,get em out.






20 degrees, that's warmer than we keep our house!


Garlic needs a period of cold to help it split into cloves, they really do not need heat. They need about 30 days with temps below 10c. I would say plant out now BUT as yourr garlic will have very soft growth if you can put it in a cold frame to accustom it to outside that would help. You may find that you only have a couple of cloves aplant, hopefully more. Start to harden off now.

Garlic is a tough plant.

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