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Hello all. I'd like to add another espalier apple to my garden, but would like a cooking apple this time, as I already have several eating varieties. Can anyone recommend some cooking apple varieties that espalier well? Thanks!


Most apples that are spur-fruiting will espalier well.  Howgate Wonder is a particularly good large dual purpose apple. that cooks well.

I've not grown it as an espalier but I see no reason why it wouldn't be successful.  You will have to consider the pollination group - although it will self-pollinate to an extent, you need a pollinator from the same group (Group D) to be certain of a good crop.  What groups are your other apples?

Thanks for the info - I have a falstaff and a braeburn and an 'unknown'! Not sure what groups they are in. Can you recommend any good resource on the 'net for finding out polination groups and info such as whether certain varities are spur-fruiting? I'v ejust had a quick look at some online nurseries, but they don't specifiy that info in the descriptions of their trees.



Braeburn is E and Falstaff is C, so neither will pollinate the Howgate Wonder.  

All three are partially self-fertile.  What sort of crops are you getting from your Braeburn and Falstaff?  

Most apples and pears are spur fruiting. The Ashridge Nursery website will give you pollination groups.

It might be an idea to email Ashridge Nurseries (via link above) and get their advice about what will work best with what you've already got -  they're very helpful.

Getting good crops - the falstaff especially so. There are a lot of fruit trees in the local area so I may be getting some polination from them. Although partially self-fertile as you mentioned, I know braeburn is supposed to be a weak cropper unless polinated, so I presume it's getting polinated from somewhere.

I'll do as you suggest and get some advice - sounds like Ashridge nursery will be able to steer in the right direction. Thanks for your help!

Still, other suggestions from people who have successfully espaliered a cooking apple greatfully received!



I've been doing some research over the past year as we're going to espalier a Concorde pear - the Maiden tree is being delivered this Nov/Dec.   I'm getting quite excited 

Good luck with yours.

flowering rose

I have a granny smith that I espaliered along the fence,it has taken sometime but this year it was the only apples that were  successful .good for those apple crumbles.

#Dovefromabove - I've a conference pear espaliered and it is fantastic - heavily laden every year and looks great. No hassle to look after, just stuck it in the ground and off it went! Good luck with your concorde - they're supposed to be another excellent espalier variety, as I'm sure you know, and are very similar to the conference from which I believe it is partly originated.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions - I've a Howgate Wonder on order!


Rich  .... enjoy! It's a lovely apple 

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