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Planted ES and some Chard last spring and a fellow Allotmenteer told me that my spinach was Everlasting

? Does that mean it stays in the same bed or should I rotate it to some where else...losing nutrients etc

? Is Chard the same sort of plant or does it need to be replaced every year


It's not really everlasting.  Eventually it will go to seed.

Not sure what you mean by 'losing nutrients.'  Yes, you keep it in the rotation, so you plant it in a different place each year.

Replace chard every year.  It is a good vegetable to take you into the winter.

Green Magpie

If it's what is usually known as Perpetual Spinach (aka Spinach Beet) it's not everlasting. All that "perpetual" means is that you can grow it virtually all year ,as it's very hardy and won't go to seed as easily as the more delicate summer spinach. Chard behaves in much the same way.

You should sow fresh seeds each spring, and then at intervals through to late summer (if you want). The crops should keep going all winter on a cut-and-come-again basis. Eventually they do start to shoot up and get tough and leggy, but by this time your new crops will probably be just about ready.

A good crops for anyone with pet rabbits or guinea pigs, by the way! But also a useful standby for humans.


I love both of them - Perpetual Spinach was one of my favourites as a child - we sow at least 3 crops of Swiss Chard each year and it's one of our favourite and most versatile of veggies. 

Just cutting down last years spinach which has started to grow vigorously.  Is it worth freezing? raw its a bit tough.



Maggie I have frozen spinach, kale & chard. Sweated them down in a large frying pan, drained in a colander and squeezed them until I could not get any more liquid from them. Rolled into balls ( like shop bought frozen spinach) and froze each ball individually on a baking sheet, then bagged them up  

Shrinking Violet

When I have had a surplus of chard I have chopped it coarsely, blanched for about a minute in boiling water and drained/squeezed It thoroughly.  Frozen in small(ish) quantities it has been superb in stuffings eg with Feta cheese,  toasted pine-nuts etc.  I've never used it as a vegetable in its own right after freezing, though.


I have steamed it after being frozen and it's nice using my method but as S Violet says it is also good in other dishes, Chicken Sag and really any curry  Vegetable bakes & pasta bakes and lots of meals.  

Hi all

Perpetual spin, chard and normal spinach are great garden fillers and can be used in so many recipes especially curries. Lamb Sag with any of these is brill and sooooo tasty go for it as it is quite an easy crop to grow and does not take to much space planted close together.

My winter spinach is ready now for picking and i have perpetual spin, rhubarb chard, and bloombury spinach now planted in modules ready for end of month for planting out. I also have other varieities of spin to plant to follow on others.

As mentioned above after all crops have finished i pick off all the leaves and after steamed press into a small ball and freeze.....The taste is the same and yo cannot tell the difference in any curry or oven prepared dish

Happy gardening and don waste any crops eat the lot

PS will post some pictures of my progress as an update

hi all

well planted perpetual spin, summer spin and rainbow chard this week and all loo healthy.

these were all module planted then into ground which i feel will give them a great start

happy gardening

hi all

progress at the garden has been good with both beds doing really well

bloomsberry spinach was great and excellent yeild however it started to bolt so harvested every morsel over two weeks and have planted same block with pac choi

Perpetual spinach still giving a great return and what ever picked is steamed, squezed and frozen in little packs which will be added to currys etc etc

chard growing really well and when picked at the allotment is so juicy and fresh eaten like  a stick of celery

give it a go if you have semi shade good luck and ]

happy gardening

Hi all

just an update on progress with the garden produce

since last post paq choi doing brill and chard amazing just eat it like celery up the garden

Pictures to update on my module planting and also looking for shade as paq choi needs it or it bolts

happy gardening

Hi all

just an update as been on my hols

chard looking great and will be harvesting some this weekend along with spinach to make some green juice

happy gardening

Hi all

just an update both perpetual spinach and chard still giving produce and both look healthy although the cahrd is starting to bolt but that wont stop me picking.

Had some great meals using these this year and have had an enourmous return for the munber of plants i have growing

If you like spinach/chard its deffo one for next year and grows easy from module starting

happy gardening

Hi all

Just an update on the perpetual spinach which is still growing strong from being seed planted in April.

This really is an easy veg to grow and the return/pickings are excellent either eaten fresh or cooked and frozen

Again very little maintenance just keep picking the leaves and the plants do the rest

Picture taken early this week that's five months so far and for pennies

Happy gardening


Hi all

As mentioned earlier perpetual spin is such an underated veg. Planted early this year the harvest has been great and still today crop to take.

Many a good crop lost however planted in good soil, semi shade and the crop has given and still will until pulled next year and the next seeds are sown

Easy grown from module planted and tastes really good fresh or from frozen added to curry and stews 

happy gardening

Hi Chris. Love looking at your veggie pictures. You have had great success this year, long may it continue 👌👍🏻😀

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