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Just wondering, now that the growing season has started in earnest, what is your favourite vegetable to grow.

For me it is the humble carrot, I dont think you can compare the taste of supermarket carrots with the ones straight from the garden. I know this is true for most veg, but I find it more noticeable with carrots.

Add that to their long growing season and they are a winner for me.

Scroggin...........are we only allowed one

Dwarf beans then


I like growing beans of all descriptions, broad beans, runner beans, wax beans, French beans, Borlotti beans ...... love them all 


I have 2, beans and tomatoes.

Do strawberries count!

If not it has to be spuds, I've six different varieties this year, you can't beat the taste.  


No expert

Spuds for me too. 5 varieties here.

David Matthews2

Like Dove, I'd have to vote for a whole 'family' of vegetables - but I say "Let's hear it for ONIONS!" : shallots (round and long 'uns), spring onions, sets, Cibou, Chives, Welsh onions, everlasting and annual too! Such a versatile group and tasty too boot!


Anything easy, so Peas, Carrots and Onions.


I guess I was being mean making people choose just one. I am lucky to have a nearby allotment so can 'attempt' to grow pretty much what I want to. However if I was limited for space I would have to be more selective and this started me thinking what I would grow.

Its interesting to see what different tastes we all have.

that's cheating Dave , someone could say roots or brassica's then give a really long list were being mean without a doubt

I'd add Cabbage for outside stuff............

David Matthews2

Hi Zoomer, a fair point. Maybe I did interpret the posed question rather liberally? But subtly I left out garlic, wild garlic (also know as ramsomes, hence Ramsey island in Pembs = 'wild garlic island') and maybe oe or two others....


I can't decide; I agree with the above about carrots, but then there are tomatoes with their lovely scent straight from the garden, and huge bunches of spinach steamed for just 3 or 4 minutes till it is meltingly edible, the leeks that I am harvesting at the moment, or the chard or the purple sprouting brocolli that I had today.... Yes you are a meany to just ask for one

If only one choice it would have to be carrots.  Eat them like sweets for the entire summer 


How about top 3? Carrots, french beans and savoy cabbs for me.



Swiss Chard "bright lights" for the vivid colour and great taste - plus you can't really buy it in the shops!


What a lovely question! This is my first year growing vegetables so I'm really not sure yet!


For me it is runner beans. I live in France and you can't get classic English runner beans, not even the seeds. The only ones I've seen are grown as an ornamental climber for the flowers at vast expense in a pot in the GC!

Followed by peas, French frozen peas are like bullets and there is nothing like a fresh raw pea straight from the garden.

3rd choice is sweet corn, by the time it gets to the supermarket it's already too old, straight from garden to pan is best, before the starch dries out.


Great choices Busy-Lizzie, interesting to hear that frozen peas in France are so bad, you're so right about the taste of fresh peas straight from the pod, they rarely make it to the pan!


Mini cucumbers, love them.

Peas & white radishes.