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just thght i would put pictures up of the stuff we have grown so far what have you all grown? and would suggest to grow?

 little gem lettuce rocket salad leaves and ice berg lettuce

 spring onions

also have tomatoes growing a mix of beefsteak and cherry money maker didnt do so well this year for some reason? and we have a grape tree but nothing has came of it for the 2 years we have had it can anyone suggest why this is? plus just recently sown carrots beetroot and more spring onions they are growing vry well so far thinking about potatoes but not sure which ones are best and when to plant them any advice on this would be fabby happy growing x

Miss Becks

Well, we're more veggies than flowers, but it is our first year. Instead of uploading all the photos, I'll just point you in the direction of my 3 year old Jessies website, which I have just finished updating tonight. There's too many pics to put on here and bore you with.

Jessies Mini garden

We still have the front garden to start on yet, but the back isn't finished yet, so that will probably be left until next year now. But I love roses, so it will be mainly a rose garden!


was going to say how do you go about making up a blog that way i could upload all my pictures and things on that wee ones stuff looks great  

Miss Becks

I use a website company called Yola, and it's totally free (unless you want a .com, or name) and you can have 2 free sites on one account. As soon as you register, it walks you through all you have to do on there. It's so easy. Just drag and drop stuff and content for your pages.


Spring onions, dont forget to thin them out

the same with your lettuces 

Always got to grow courgettes, dead easy and loads of fun. same with pumkins and squahes.

a bit late now but for next year grow sweetcorn - you would not beleive the differnce in taste between home grown and shop bought. same for peas. Hardly any of my peas make it home they get eaten there and then at the allotment. you need quite a few of them to get a decent crop but well worth it. 

maybe been too cold for your grapes, they need a nice warm spring to get them going and loads of food.

Most potatoes you've missed by now. im sure I saw a thread on here about which spuds to plant if you wanted some for christmas dinner  


Miss Becks

We only planted our seed potatoes last week, first earlies, will just be up in time for Christmas like Sparkle said. They have just started poking through now. If you can get some in this weekend, you may have time. 

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