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Hi Tomsk - the tomatoes grow where the flowers were .  They will grow to their full size, depending on what type they are (cherry, plum, 'ordinary' or beefsteak) and then they will start to turn colour - so late summer through to early autumn.

Afraid tomato plants only last the one year (in the UK anyway) so next spring you start all over again - watch out, you'll get addicted to tomato growing 

Thanks for the last comment, was thinking my first try at tomatoes was a failure, but I have time yet.  Mine are planted outside, stems look healthy and plenty of flowers.  Ty dove


   Good luck - if you've got any more questions don't hesitate to ask - someone here'll know the answer ....


Tomsk, the flowers wither and fall off if they haven't been pollinated. It's common. Not all flowers produce tomatoes.

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