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Im having a go at growing carrots for the first time and i seem to be having a problem. I planted my seeds about a week ago in a tub and there doesn't seem to be any sign of them yet even though they are well watered and in the sunshine. Can anyone help me please?

Be patient. Very slow things carrots.


It all depends on the soil temperature. If it's wam they can appear in about 10 days. If it's cold it might take a month. Don't let the soil dry out completely.


Green Magpie

Carrots can take a couple of weeks or more to come through, be patient. But I am unsure whether they'll do well in a tub, unless it's a very deep tub.

Peppers can take a week or two to germinate. They develop quite slowly and should really have been sown (indoors) some weeks ago. If you haven't started any yet, it might be better to buy a few plants now to get off to a good start.

Cucumbers, though, will germinate in a few days if you start them indoors in pots, and they don't benefit from starting too early. Then when they're well up you can move them to somewhere cooler, and start to harden them off if they are to go outside.


I have carrots growing in old plastic window boxes and old hanging baskets. Admittedly they are the round ones, not the long ones that need deep soil. They are doing fine. I grow them in these to keep them out of reach of the slugs.

I planted my cucumber seeds a week ago and so far there is no sign but that may be because its not warm enough yet. Thanks for the advice
Well i checked my carrots this morning and i have 2 seeds coming through!! Yay!!

Well done Zoe4 you I grow the short carrots in troughs...........they seem to do well enough and always taste pretty good

Thank you!! I got really excited when i saw my first 2 seeds coming through lol can't wait to see what they look like. How long do they take to grow?

Get some good top growth first..........depends what sort you are growing..........give them some's early yet



Zoe, wait until you can see the top part of the carrot and it's a pale orange colour. Quite a while to go yet!


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