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This is the first time I've grown potatoes in the ground (have grown in bags before).  I put in second early in mid March.  They've done really well and are now flowering.  A little early possibly to harvest but being impatient I thought I'd have a little look and there isn't any sign of potatoes.  Not even tiny ones.  Is this normal?  We've had lots of rain so I don't think water is the problem.  Any ideas?


Sorry lil, ive never come accross this, do you know the variety? Maybe they just need a little longer. Stupid question time now, did you pull them up or use a fork? The reason i ask, is on heavier soils, the tubera may have been pulled off

International kidney. I got in there with a fork.  I might sacrifice the whole plant and lift it properly to see what's going on.  At least that way I might have a clue what to do with the rest of the row.

Thats probably what i would do too, please post the results, im interested to see what happens

new one to me. did you have any feed under them. too much nitrogen would give big tops.. keep us informed please.

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