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I've found and watch this video two or three time now and found it quite informative well done Alan Titchmarsh

this video shows a hole year in a veg plot happy viewing

 not so clueless now


oooooooooo this was very good!! I picked up the accompanying books of the series at a boot sale for a quid. Best buy I've ever made


emma do you have the B.I.N number and titles please

as I may order them from Amazon



Book one "How to be a Gardener - Back to Basics" ISBN 0-563-53740-x

Book two "How to be a Gardener - Secrets to Success" ISBN 0-563-53405-2



Oh the complete one (which I got) is ISBN 0-563-52129-5 and it's called The complete how to be a gardener. Both books.

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