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Grace Davies

Hi Everyone

I'm doing a project on home grown produce being donated to food banks. 

As part of my research I want to do an online survey to get a response from allotment owners or people who grow their own fruit and veg. only 13 questions mainly single choice answers will take 2-3 minutes to complete

All answers will be kept private and only used for research purposes.

Much appreciated

Many Thanks


P.S I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post this on here but I'll give it a go


the survey does not connect for me.


I was able to access the survey and have completed it.  (hightlight and rightclick).

I have said that I would be happy to donate any excess to foodbanks, however we do not have any excess - we freeze, jam and pickle and use it up through the year so my answer may be misleading.  

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