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Hello, I've not had much luck with gardening so far and I was hoping someone could help me with what fruit and vegetables are ok for growing in hanging basketd, I only have a back yard with 8 wall baskets. 

Thank you x


In the past I've grown strawberries in hanging baskets fixed to a sunny fence - they didn't crop heavily but there were enough to  have a few for breakfast with my cereal most mornings.  I put a different variety in each basket to try to stagger the cropping dates.

Good luck 


Nicola, you can certainly grow some of the smaller, determinate tomato varieties in a hanging basket. One plant per basket. Quite a few people in this forum do so and someone will undoubtedly be along to suggest varieties.


There are little tomatoes that go well in hanging baskets


Thank you for the responses, I will have a go on Saturday with some tomatoes, strawberries and mint, fingers crossed! X

I'm growing Tumbling Toms as well, its coming along nicely at the moment. Pic below of current progress.

 @Quercus_rubur how often do you feed your TT's?

Ooh they look great, do you think I could grow them now or is it a bit late?

I saw something where someone had put a lot of plug plant lettuces in a hanging basket and it looked like a ball of lettuce and they snipped it as needed as a cut and come again crop very unusual

Yes it is a great idea for greenfingered people with limited space, also my daughter and i are growing round carrots this year these are great for pots on the patio.

Thanks Singy, I'll see if I can get some on Thursday, I love the lettuce idea too Girlyfox, I'll try to get some plug plants this week x

I think you could do the lettuce anytime, one seed tray and a packet of seeds and they will be ready in a month

Singy, in hanging baskets I feed once a week, and water in between if it's very hot. It's important with tomatoes not to let them dry out, but also not to water irregularly. After years of those wire baskets I now use the solid Stewart ones with a capillary matting on the base. They're cheap and supply water on a small, regular basis

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