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I'm looking for ideas on what to grow over a pergola that might do a couple of things, first is to have vigorous enough growth and foliage to provide some shade over summer, and also produce something edible aswell.  I'm in west yorkshire so I'm guessing something which is fairly hardy and can produce in less than ideal, sun drenched conditions would be useful!

Any help, anyone can offer is very much welcomed.


Hi Steve, I have a northwest facing pergola and have a couple of grape vines growing up it. .......I get shade and fruit.....even this year, so try.

Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.  Trained apples might work, but I've got a fairly decent producing family apple already so I'll probably give grapes another go.  Anytips on good uk varieties which do well?

Thanks again for all contributions, and I'm sure I'll be pestering folks for more tips in the future!

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