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Hi everyone,

I have just moved house and have lots of fruit trees in the garden, particularly apples, but am struggling with identifying 4 other fruit trees, would be very appreciative if anyone can help identify them!! I have uploaded 2 photos of each. Kind regards, Sam.

Tree 1:


Tree 2:


Tree 3:


Tree 4:






Those little green things without the remains of a flower at the end, could be damsons; why not wait and see what all your trees produce in a couple of months? then post and tell us


Plum, plum, apple apple.

Or the plums could be gages.. or  damsons.  You will know by October.


Looking forward to seeing lots of pics of lovely ripe fruit - definitely some plums or damsons or similar and appley/peary sort of things.

Are you any good at jam making? 


What a lovely garden - so much potential there 


What's the distance between those trees in the 3rd pic - possible site for a hammock? or is that what I can see there already? 

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