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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows about garlic ? I have planted some in the greenhouse about 6 weeks ago and was then going to plant out next April / May time. The Garlic seems to be growing too quick, its about 5 to 6 inches tall already. will it be OK to keep it in the greenhouse until next April. I live in the North West and its very mild at the moment for this time of year, If I plant it out it will freeze for sure when the weather turns.

Cheers   John  (2nd year gardener, so a novice )

Hi,  I live in south east near the coast so mild but I always plant garlic (onions/shallots also) direct in the ground and garlic especially does really well.  They say that garlic needs a period of cold for the bulb to 'clove'.  I think that is so as this summers crop was fantastic after the last cold winter.  I have had a crop of just larger bulbs, no cloves formed before now.  I would get it out before the ground gets frozen.



I plant my garlic now and what Mary says is correct, the cold seems to be an essential part.  I planted some in Oct which are up and will plant some more before Christmas. As long as the ground is soft then you get it in.


Likewise planted garlic in  seed boxes and put them in a cold frame about five weeks ago, they are about 6 in tall already so will move them to the allotment over this weekend.

Last year planted direct into the ground about November and the snow we had (midlands)  was not a problem.  Only planted in the cold frame to get a earlier crop.


Sussex gardener

I plant some of my garlic into cells around Christmas and then leave them outside - they freeze, they thaw, but always seem to do well - ie last year it went down to -10 but they were the best garlic i have ever grown. I get them into the ground around March as my soil is very wet clay and things tend to sit and rot over winter.

I'm just planting my garlic today. I live in the SW and hope it's not too late to plant them outside. Very novice gardener - never attempted garlic before!

I am also a novice gardener and have quetsions about planting garlic. I live in south FL and we don't get cold weather. Problem? The question I have is. I have two bulbs of garlic that have sprouted green tails, can I plant them directly into my garden? Greens down? Thanks.

in north spain we plant garlic in dec/jan - good results


hi 2spaniels = you need to divide the garlic bulbs - they re made up of cloves and you plant them up individually and plant green side up ! also they ll be fine but generally you d get better cropping from garlic specifically for growing (eg from a garden centre) rather than garlic you buy for eating, good luck

planted garlic late on (april) in season for the first time and got reasonable results from bulbs bought from local pound shop.some planted into well dug soil and some in an old container. i live in central Scotland where planting season for me is a few weeks later than more southerly areas. my advice is give it a go anyway especially if bulbs bought at reasonable price.

Can anybody tell me more about the modules ie what size/ depth etc. many thanks


Just bought some for planting - I'll be putting them in pots this weekend.  Given the need for cold, and Sussex Gardener's comments, should I just leave them out if it snows, or put them in the greenhouse (old and drafty and not great light - previous owners put it in a weird place). 

barbara dancer

Hi I am thinking about growing garlic for the first time, can I plant 'shop' bought garlic? I have been to a few garden centres and can't find any garlic at all. Plus do I just plant them straight into the garden or should I start them off in the greenhouse? (northwest)


I planted garlic in early spring this year as I bought it late. I put it in fridge for a couple of weeks before planting and have been pleased with results


Hi, I have just bought some garlic bulbs and read somwhere that garlic can help with pests on tomatoes. I've just got my first greenhouse and am looking forward to growing tomatoes this year. Can I plant the garlic directly into the bed in the greenhouse and keep them there? It is unheated.




i planted garlic for the first time into extremely  wet ,recently manured ,cloggy  heavy soil with the thoughts of nothing to lose as they came from Asda for 99pence more for a laugh really with thoughts of planting proper garlic from the garden center next year, at the moment the garlic sits in the snowy muddy allotment 6 inches high ,and looks very happy ,and im told by the other allotmenteers that garlic Must have cold spells or it doesnt split and stays in one lump,garlic seems to love tough cold conditions well mine does

good luck Alan4711 



sorry thats the garlic sits  6 inches high not the allotment

my first year too

planted 8 cloves outside and 2 on a window sill as an experiment planted middle of october.

the 2 on sill have massive shoots. the rest in the veg patch all have little shoots. i've put cloches over them (plastic squash bottles cut in half) to keep snow off, they have disappered in the snow completely covers them.

I have more cloves so i'm going to start them all off inside, i might leave them outide for a bit to get cold then


Take the cloche off. Garlic needs frosting. Though be careful as you have had them in a protected environment.