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I just nip all the flower heads off.


I have never watered garlic; does it need it?  They are a Mediterranean crop.

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On website they recommend stopping watering at least a couple of weeks before harvesting to prevent the bulbs rotting. The problem for us amateurs is knowing when 'a couple of weeks before harvesting' actually is. My crystal ball is on the blink again and so winging it as usual.


I popped some in with the carrots after hearing about the carrot fly... don't know if they'll do anything but I'm hoping so  

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NickyB, I have done a similar thing with my brassicas this year. I wanted to plant them out in the same spot as the garlic once it had been harvested, but got my timing all wrong. I have therefore planted them in between the rows of garlic in the hope that the smell will confuse the cabbage whites for another couple of weeks until I can get the garlic harvested and put a net over everything.

I have absolutely no reason to think that it will work, but it seemed a good idea at the time.



Yeah well hopefully it will work you'll have given me a great idea

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