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I have been reading about the health benefits of goji berries, and wonder if any members have grown them and if so were they successful.


Hi Auntie E


I have not long planted out a Goji bush, I say bush as apparently they have a sprawling habit so I have put it in the patch with my fruit trees, and not my fruit bushes / raspberries etc, so that way it can go crazy and sprawl as much as it likes.  I've put a wire frame round it at the mo, to support the branches til it thickens up a bit.  The plant is only about 2 foot high and quite leggy at the moment, but that's my fault as I kept it inside for about 2 years  what with 'bringing it on' indoors, and then moving house, but now it's finding it's feet outside and has really picked up this week.  I'm in the north of Scotland, and I've read that the bushes are quite hardy so should be ok.  No flowers or fruit yet, but plenty of little leaves, so hopefully only a matter of time til I'm chomping on Goji berries.

Kezza, thanks for your progress report, hope your tree/bush survives.  I didn't realise they could grow so high, so will have to find a suitable space, although if I do buy one will keep it in the greenhouse until it looks as though it can go it alone outside.  I am in south Devon, so it is warm here and very very wet.  Thanks again.


Why don't you stick to blackcurrants?  Different varieties, proven health-giving qualities, good flavour, reliable, cheap, hardy.  Need I go on?!

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