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Oakley Witch

Can someone suggest a good carrot which will do well in containers?

I've grown loads of different types of carrots in containers, it's a better way of growing them because it eradicates the chance of carrot fly. Just make sure you have a light sandy soil and pick any that take your fancy and you'll be fine.
Oakley Witch
Thanks leggi, there are just so many different types. I have grown autumn king before but didnt do well in containers.
My guess would be that was down to the terrible weather last year rather than the carrot variety.

It might be better to grow a fast crop carrots as autumn king is a main crop so in the ground for longer may be try Nantes ones (frubund) or Amsterdam forcing. I did not have luck with carrots slugs eating them and the ones in pots not big about 1- 2 Cm's very small. will try again though with fast crop in pots.

Faster grown carrots should turn out better because harvest quicker. If that helps you


Oakley Witch

That does help Gardengirl, thanks hun Leggi, I think you could be right there as well. Thanks guys

Fred 2

Hi,i use a carrot called Atlas in my containers,it is a round carrot so its possible to grow in shallow pots/containers too.

Someone has given me an unopened packet of carrot seeds marked sow by 2011, do you think they'll be ok

If they have been stored well - dry yes fine, maybe test some out on damp kitchen roll see if they germinate at all - before sowing where you want, sow direct is best.

Oakley Witch

Hi Fred, I will have a look at them. Thanks. Heading to the GC at the weekend so will be looking them up. Thanks mate

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