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I have got two very healthy looking gooseberry bushes in my garden but for the second year they have produced no fruits whatsoever. Any ideas please?

Thank you.


Have you pruned them at all?

I thought the same and started to dig out the bush in disgust. However on the lower branches I came across some fruit. With a little care and patience I collected over a pound of fruit. 


Two things, patience is a virtue, and two years is a bit harsh, it has needed to develop roots and branches upon which to fruit.  Also, when the flowers were about there were no pollinators about.  Let's be honest - if you were a bee, would you have come out and about or stayed in your nice warm hive? I thought so  - give them a chance, prune well and see if they try hard next year - which will of course be perfect as every next year always is. 

I too have no fruits on my gooseberry bush (hinnonmaki red) after a fair crop in the first year. I had a problem with aphids which I tried to remove with soap and water.

when and how hard should I prune, grateful for all advice.






Hi, two reasons for lack of fruit,weather and lack of pruning.I keep mine well watered, esp. in Spring.(I gave them a major soak prior to hosepipe ban) and then they nearly drowned!! I think your problem might be lack of pruning.I do mine about now. I prune and open up the centre of the bush.I then sit in the sun and harvest the fruit off the pruninings! If your bushes are young there will be reduced fruit next year but vigours growth.But fear not, be patient and you will have an abundance of fruit the following year, especially if you give them a dusting of blood, fish and bone after pruining, and work it into the soil. They are very easy to grow, I promise you ; and will give you plenty of fruit for years.If you love gooseberries that's a luxury, as very few shops sell them and they are expensive to buy. Good luck.


Thank you everyone who replied with really helpful advice. The pruning and feeding will hopefully do the trick for next year. Now what the heck do I do about the woodpigeons that sneaked under the fruit netiing and gobbled up all my lovely redcurrants that were at ground level !!!!! (pigeon pie methinks)

Thanks again everyone.




I took some cuttings from my mums gooseberry bush when after she passed away and we were clearing her Local Authority Owned property as a momento.

I planted them in a large planter at our house and they have taken very well although in the 5 years I have had the new bush it has never fruited.

Can anyone suggest where may have gone wrong?





I had no fruit on mine for two years and this year they are covered in flowers and forming fruit. Just give them a little ash on the surface and feed them also give a layer of good quality compost on the surface but don't go right up to the bush leave a good few inches and I bet they produce next year. @ William Steadman do as I just said but put them in much larger pots ill bet they are root bound they need more room and give them some ash

William Steadman I put one of mine in a planter and after just one year I checked it by lifting it out of the planter and the root system had filled the planter so I gave it a nice new big pot 3ft wide x 3ft and 3ft deep gave it some good quality compost with mixed in farmyard manure and sprinkled some chicken manure pellets on top and gave it a dusting of ash and now its booming. It has new growth and forming fruit everywhere


Lots of lovely foliage. Garden chimes sending out calming mantra. Fingers crossed.

Can't fail this year.



Not sure if this will help. I purchased two gooseberry bushes last year a red and a yellow. I was quite concerned over getting fruit bushes off to a good start so purchased some coco mulch for gooseberries. This was shredded coconut fibre and a mix of pellets to mix in I put a big handfull in the hole and mixed quite a bit in the surrounding soil. I got a couple of handfulls of gooseberries last year and this year the bushes are heaving with flowers and baby berries.

I have used specialist coco mulch for all my fruit bushes gooseberries, currents tayberries and raspberries and all have fruited well first year and look like doing the same this year.

I just went with the old saying about spending a penny on the plant and a pound on the soil and it seems to of paid off.

Neither of my gooseberries have fruited this year.  I don't know what happened to one of my plants but it looked like someone had literally sat in the middle of it from a great height, flattening it. Wind damage???? I hope that with a good cut back and compost it will be OK for next year.


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