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i have some strawberry's in flower in the greenhouse as there are no insects about should i try to pollinate them with a child's paint brush or is there another way
They are apparently self fertile but need the action of wind/insects to move the pollen on the flower. Gently brushing the flowers should be more than adequate.
thank you , i hall go out with my brush

You'll be able to tell how successful you've been quickly, as the small fruit forms just behind the flower, I think they start to show in around a week.

thank you,after watching Beechgrove i planted them in grow bags in summer last year and they were fine because the door and vents were open, i didn't expect them to flower so early this year


I'd give them a liqiud feed as soon as the blossom starts to drop, the grow bags will be pretty depleted by now.

I am growing strwaberries inmy greenhouse in an old wahign machine drum.


yes thank you i had that in mind, i did feed last year. i understood that three years was the optimum time to keep them in the grow bags they look very healthy so fingers crossed for an early crop


 i thought i would share my greenhouse strawberries with you


Strawberries grown undercover fruit sooner than those outdoors. Looking fab !

muddy mare

had a handfull for breakfast the other day always pot up a few and put in green house for early pickings yours look great making mouth water


thank you, just a little bit more sun


Not just the strawberries that need it little-ann!

Do you open the door during the day or have vents? That should provide enough air movement I'd have thought. 


i have an automatic roof vent and and a louver, it depends on the weather if i open the door I'm retired and home most of the time and we live on the top of a hill so air movement is not a problem

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