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Hi to all

i started onion sets indoors about 2 months ago.

They had about 5 inches of green stalks and a very healthy root system.

I then planted them out into the garden about 1-2 weeks ago.

Today i went to look at them as they didnt seem to be showing much more foilage.

when i lifted one of them the bulbs all looked as if they were shrinking and withering !!

almost like "saggy" skin. not firm as i expected.

Could someone please help me and tell me the possible cause and......

is it too late to plant out new onion sets ??

i live in kent if thats any help

much obliged for all feedback

many thanks


Hi Dave, did you harden them off before planting out?  If not, they will have had a bit of a shock and will sulk for a while before resuming growth.


Plant out in different spot. They prob just rotted in cold  wet soil.  No, not too late

I usually sow seeds but this year I'm buying plants for first time.  They will prob be planted next week

Agree with verdun try to plant it on different spot... Generally, growing onions from sets is easier and more reliable than from seed and in cooler, damper areas


Surely that is how they grow?  Or have I misunderstood.  The new growth and ultimately the new onion will use up the set you planted.



Sowing onions seed is best I think.  If sown correctly and the right time...xmas to new year .....I think this produces bigger and healthier onions.

Sets handy if you dont want the hassle of sowing seed...but more susceptible to disease i think. At least, for me, sets have proved not so good for keeping.  Thats just my experience, so far 

The third way.....the way I'm doing it this year, for the first time, is to buy in plants.  I'm hoping I get the advamtages of seed sown onions. Others may have done this and know the possible pitfalls but I will know myself this summer.

We will see.  I'm constantly experimenting, trying out different methods and comparing varieties 

I did post a question about onion growing last year hoping for advice or tips from skilled onion growers.


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