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I have bought a rhubarb plant (cant remember the proper name) today and am going to plant it tomorrow, I know I'm getting ahead of myself here and assuming it will thrive but, I have read that I shouldnt harvest the first year's crop but...what do I do with it then? Do I just leave it to its own devices? Do I chop off the stalks that do come? I'm assuming that if they're not being harvested the stalks will go yellow and sluggish, should I cut them then or just leave them?

As you've probably guessed I am a starting-out gardener but am very enhthusiastic and open to any advice

Put plenty of goodness into the soil first. Compost, manure etc. yep, just let it grow and take nothing from the plant in its first year. In the spring give it organic fertiliser like fish blood and bone, scratch it into the soil and mulch with compost. Keep well watered. It will die down naturally next autumn.

ooh, lovely, thankyou I'm hoping I'll get a good grower as my next door neighbour has a massive rhubarb plant that comes back every year and I'm really jealous of it, and it's literally just the other side of the fence to where I plan to put mine in the hope that's where the good soil is!!! crossing my fingers, thankyou for the advice x

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