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can you grow strawberries up a trellis from the main plant

hope that makes sence


I dont know how. They fruit from a central rosette.  There are some that are a bit lax that you can put in a hanging basket or tower pots, but they hang down not up.


Hi Sandra  No you can't as they don't climb. The runners that form could be twined through by you but they won't fruit until in soil. Best way to have lovely big juicy red strawberrys that also look good is to plant them in a hanging basket. No slugs can get at them...tho birds will try...they won't go rotten like they do on the ground and all the babies will hang down on the runners which makes it look lovely. These can be potted up for next year when the fruiting plants have finished.

thanks  addict, i do have some lovely strawberrys growing, cant wait to eat em, just thought they might fruit up a trellis

thanks again




Have a look at Ken Muirs  web site for his tower pots. They are pots that stack to give a tower of strawberries.

sorry one more on thing strawberries, mine are all in big pots,

now if i was to take them out to put in the grown would they be ok

are should i wait till the strawberries are done for this year


thanks again


I would not disturb them until they have finished fruiting.  If you re-plant them now they will inevitable suffer.

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