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I'm still fairly new to growing strawberries & am interested to know what others use to keep the ripening fruits off the soil (or even if you bother to do it).

I have enjoyed a very heavy crop this year &  decided to try barley straw. Put it down a few weeks ago but within 3 days found that I had inadvertently sown a field of barley! There were obviously lots of seeds in with the straw & they are still germinating at a rate of knots even though I cleared the straw away as soon as I realised what was happening.

Has anyone else had this problem & what alternatives work well?

Thanks for your help.


I've used wood shavings in the past Topbird as the girls had guinea pigs! That seemed to work quite well. You can use weed suppressing membrane too. 

To be honest I don't think mine ever lasted long enough for there to be a problem -the girls ate them!

It's my second year of growing them in hanging baskets. I get 4-5 in each one. I have had a decent crop. They over winter in a spare bed then I dig up and replant in the basket again.


I grow mine through sheets of black plastic weed suppresant mem

brane,they are, off the ground, no weeds and you can tuck a few slug pellets under.


Thanks for the advice everyone. Unfortunately hanging baskets are not an option as I am not here enough to water them as much as they would require.

I think a combination of membrane overlaid with chippings or shavings sounds like a plan (especially as I know a fumiture maker who can supply me with free shavings!)

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