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I have bought atom plant from home base and have plant it out side is there anything I need to cut of it what and were if anybody could help that would be great 

 For some reason it uploaded upside down 


Bit blurry but it looks all right for the moment. What you'll need to remove as they appear are the laterals - the wee growths that appear at the intersection of the side branches and main stem. They first appear as what looks like a leaf but will grow into another stem.

You'll also need to stake it securely. What variety is it?

Plum tom f1 thanks new to all this veg growing 


Great youtube videos, loads of tips I'm picking up. I'm going to change how I loop the twine round the canes from now on. 

I've been trying to grow tomatoes for the past few seasons. I have lovely healthy plants, but I never seem to have many flowers and hence tomatoes.  Think I understand now about picking the side shots off. So hopefully, I'll have a better year this year.

I noticed your 10 litre pots look taller than the 10 litre pots I have (obviously different diameters and height), are the tall pots much better for tomato growing?


Simon Knott

Hi Tina, glad you enjoyed the videos and found them useful!. I think your Squatter shaped 10 ltr pots will be fine for the tomatoes.


I grow Roma, a plum type, you dont remove side shoots from those. They are the type that bush then all set at the same time. This is known as determinate. What variety is yours Steven.

Simon Knott

Hi Lyn, that's very interesting about Roma, because I grew it last year ( and this) and did take the side shoots out last year. I still had a very good crop. However, I am going to try what you suggest this year for my Roma plant.

I am growing 11 varieties of tomatoes this year including: ailsa Craig, chadwick, Gardeners delight, Tamina, sweet million, Shirley, black cherry, red shine, golden crown, tomato berry and Roma.

Thanks for your advice.



There's more than one variety around with Roma in the name, Simon. They can be determinate or indeterminate depending on which one.

Chris 11

Roma are a bush variety, but most 'Roma' around now are likely to be the 'Roma VF' variety.

They are indeterminate or more accurately semi-determinate, which means they are stocky plants growing to around 4ft tall. They will be self-limiting, so probably won't need you to pinch out the top shoot. Will probably still need support.



They will need support, although not as tall as indeterminates, they were big plants. I still have some in the freezer now.

Simon Knott

Thanks for the info lyn, Chris 11 and italophile. I think I will see how it develops and try to determine if its indeterminate or not

So, this is the small forest of tom plants currently occupying the south-facing windowsill in my kids' room...

On the whole, I'm reasonably happy so far. Some leginess, which I always get as the light levels aren't brilliant, but once I bury them deeply into bigger pots they seem to recover fine. Ultimately I'm going to have to throw away about half so can keep the strongest. I reckon they range from 15-25cm in height.

What are people's views on when these are ready to go into my coldframe to harden off? It's not practical for me with work to have them outside and then bring them in at night but I'll probably just have them in the coldframe with the lid open during the day and then hopefully remember to close it at night.

Maybe another week indoors, a week in the coldframe then into final pots/positions?Thanks all!


Simon Knott

Hi bf206,  well I guess it all depends on where you live. If in England, I would think you could put them in the cold frame now, if further north then leave till early June as there can still be a late frost. I don't grow mine outside at all as in Aberdeenshire, you need a good years weather to guarantee a decent crop, so mine are in a greenhouse. I am going to try a few in hanging baskets outside this year just to see what happens.

have a look at my video part 3 of my growing tomatoes  videos and let me know what you think, if you haven't already done so. It covers the potting up of tomatoes that are at about the same stage As yours.

good luck with the tomatoes!

I'm in Southwark, South London so it's not so much frost I'm conscious of, more these squally showers which I don't want to expose my toms to yet! So, they've gone into the coldframe... There are about 25 of them, which I'll need to halve for space reasons! I'll wait a few days and see how they cope. I'll see if the neighbours want any...


Hello Simon, I grow greenhouse tomatoes by the "Ring Culture" method. Are you familiar with it? I have used this method successfully for over 40 years.

Simon Knott

Hi Dictamnus, yes I am familiar with the ring culture method and I know that lots of Gardeners swear by it. I think it provides a bit more forgiveness in watering, as there tends to be more water available in the gravel mix. Good luck with yours this year!

Simon Knott

Rusty spade - I enjoyed your videos! Thanks.


I'm going to link this thread to my OH who is seemingly besotted with his tomatoes, he has four plugs from Suttons which are doing fantastically size and growth wise in the greenhouse but aren't flowering yet like the grafted plant he bought from a GC, should he be concerned?

At an estimate they're about 60CMs tall, and are being kept in pots inside a plastic greenhouse.

Also he has sown some tomato seeds two weeks ago, and they aren't showing, is germination slow, or was he a bit late to be sowing?